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Wrapping up....

Well, this school year is coming to a fast end. Not only are we finishing up with all the high school seniors we've photographed all year long, but I'm also trying to finish up the photos of my own high school senior.

Today, she will be my featured senior.

This beautiful face belongs to Aleta, my oldest baby.


She is intelligent, funny, compasionate, artistic and musically talented. Everyone should be so lucky to have a child like her. She's caused me very little stress over the span of her 18 1/2 years. As a matter of fact, I'm more stressed that she will be moving away from home next fall and I wont get to see her everyday. Is that normal for a parent?



Although I love my senior clients, this one has by far been my most favorite senior client of all time. At least until my son is a senior in a couple of years.... *sigh*

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