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Shannon Blogs?

OK, so I'm supposed to start a blog to help get my site more views in google search. This better work because I am not very good at writing. I am, however, GREAT at sticking my foot in my mouth. I have a great knack for embarrassing myself.

Here is my very first and very feeble attempt. Don't laugh at me... well, you can laugh. You wont be the first.

I'm a family and high school senior photographer out of Tulsa Oklahoma. I've been in the "business" for over twenty years. Yes, yes, I know that ages me but hey, I have very few grey hairs and that a plus, right?! Along with my family and high school photography, I recently started school photography. I have been pleasantly surprised with how much I have enjoyed photographing in volume. I also photograph sports teams, basketball, baseball, archery, football...etc

What I am saying is, I am all you will need in a photographer! Well, I don't photograph weddings so there ya go...

Bring me your children, bring me your families, bring me your teams and then, bring me your high school seniors, bring out your dead... (hehe, Monty Python reference).

If you are in, near or willing to travel to Tulsa Oklahoma, I'm your gal! :0)

Scroll down to see some photos of a few 2015 high school seniors.

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